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Monday, October 19, 2015

Makeup Essentials for Pandal Hopping !!

Dusshera is here and it is pandal hopping time ! And yet another occasion for the gals and the ladies to doll up. While we all have our own way of doing it, this one is just a simple post for cutting out the clutter and getting the basics in one place, preferably a neat little bag, so that you do not have to turn the house upside down at the last minute.

This is a last minute post and done in a hurry even as I get my own stuff in one place. SO, please excuse any mistakes.

The essentials -

1. Foundation / BB cream -  One needs to be selfie ready all the time. Hence a little something to brush away those imperfections. Take a tiny amount and dot around places that need most attention, i.e., undereyes and around the nose and mouth. Blend it with light fingers/sponge/brush. Layer a little more if some areas still need coverage. Finally do not forget to blend at the jawline and the hairline. And yes, apply some of it one the neck as well.

2. Pressed powder - This helps the makeup stay longer as it absorbs all the excess oil. Especially important if using eye makeup or a glossy lipstick as it prevents bleeding/feathering.

3. Lip liner & Lipstick - Line your lips with the liner and use a white eyeliner to subtly highlight the cupid's bow. Then take the liner and fill in. That helps hide the pigmentation which is common among Indian women, the lipstick also last longer and does not bleed. Go for reds and fuchsias as they are best for getting the festive look.

4. Eyeliner & Mascara - Use a waterproof liner as it might get sweaty inside the pandals and you do not want to look like a panda on a religious mission. Instead of trying and failing to get a straight line from the inner corner to the outer one (and making a mess in the process), try doing it from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner. Then join with another line from the inner corner to the middle one. Do not forget the mascara for the wide-eyed look. Go for a transparent one if black does not fine favor with you.

5. Hair serum - Keeps hair shiny and tangle free. Plus helps a lot with those unruly fly-aways. And it is a must if you planning on using the iron on your tresses.

Apart from that, get all those accessories in one separate bag, preferably teamed up with the respective outfits. DO NOT forget to include the Chaand Baalis or the oversized Jhumkas are a must to glam up that saree or anarkali you are planning to wear.

I guess it is not much. Just some tips to save time and trouble. So, go ahead and enjoy the Puja !!!


  1. Wow Shweta that's a thoughtful post...and amazing tips.


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