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Monday, August 17, 2015

Interview with Chef BB (Founder FBAB)

Ever smiling, bubbling over with infectious energy and highly motivated !! That is how I would like to introduce Chef BB to my audience. Born Bibhuti Bhushan Panigrahy, he is one wonderful human being and a foodie to the core. He is the kind of guy who talks, eats, drinks and even sleeps with food on his mind. A fact that is corroborated by the huge fan following he commands of FB.

Having met him of a couple of occasions, I got the opportunity to know him better as an individual. Some excerpts about FBAB and the guy himself -

Q. When was FBAB founded and what is its objective ?
A. 06th JAN 2015.... It is a platform for anyyone who is directly or indirectly related with food. He or she can be a food blogger, home chef, restaurant owner, hospitality personnel, food journalist, foodie & food reviewer, etc......

Q. What is FBAB's social footprint (FB , twitter, other sites)? 
 A. FB Page 1200 +
     Twitter 150 + (in 3 weeks)
     Instagram 105

Q. Tell us something about the initiatives that you have undertaken.  Mention a few brands that are associated with FBAB.
A. FBAB is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization). It is a platform for each and every individual related with food. We are here to help each other and create a happier environment for everyone. For now we have started working on these things…
  • Sharing the profiles of chef, food bloggers and reviewers on FB.
  • History of food – in this column apart from the recipes we are publish how a particular food was introduced to the world.
  • Untold Stories of food joint – We are publishing the hard work and winning story of food joint/venture entrepreneurs. 
  • Helping Hand – We are trying to help every food bloggers by giving them a sharing platform as our Facebook group where they can share there blog links directly to get more traffic.
  • For home chefs who are taking cooking/mixing classes they can promote their classes with us without any fees. (They have to offer a nominal offer for members only)

In further day we are planning some food photography, professional blogging, blog designing workshops with the industries best ones.

 Q. How frequently do you guys meet and what's on the agenda apart from the lip-smacking food?
 A. Anything and everything that is even remotely related to food. 

Q. Share something about yourself.
A. I started my career as a pastry chef in one of finest hotels of India, the Leela palace, Bangalore. I have a degree in hospitality management from Indo American School of tourism, Vizag, AP. Cooking is in my blood as we have been a part of the food industry from the last 3 generations. From a very young age of 8, I started professional cooking with my father. I am from a typical Brahmin family. In my hometown in Odisha, it is a custom to employ Brahmin cooks during ceremonies. My grandfather started the trend and we have continued that. Now I am working in the industry as a professional trainer for Chefs and waiters from last 3 years.

Q. Who is your inspiration? 
A.There are so many inspirations in every one’s life. So I have to name them. I really inspired by some of them

  • My Father Shri Pravat Kumar panigrahy – 1st teacher for the trade
  • Shri Suresh Hinduja – one of the finest man on earth
  • Shri Issac Sudhakar – Principal, Indo American school of tourism
  • Shri Narayan Choudhary – Team leader while I am in Sales & Marketing 

Q. What is in the pipeline in the coming months? Can FBAB make blogging more lucrative for aspiring bloggers?
A. Yes we are planning all new website. The next stage is an e magazine (not Printed magazines for now). We will also start tutorials for how to start a food blog and how to attract more traffic to your blog.

Since it is NPO, we have in mind that we will not enter into business or commercial things at any point of time. Because wherever the money involved you can’t hear your heart. That is what I have been missing badly for the last 8 years. For now, it’s time to listen your heart and show your love for food.

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  1. Nice interview Sweta. Though not a food blogger in full, I have a special interest in food and as is none can say they are not into food. FBAB is a nice initiative n will be there to learn more.



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