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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League ?? More than just Sports ...

Kapil Dev. Ex-cricketer. Right-arm pace bowler with a very potent outswinger. All-rounder. One of India's most iconic sportsperson. Captain of the 1983 Cricket World cup winning team. Inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. Can it really get better for anyone??

Not really unless you count the monetary aspect. And the riches and fame that an IPL contract can bring in. Today's young cricketers are really minting those bucks unlike in the old days when cricket used to be known as the 'gentleman's game' and involved sweating it out on the pitch for days at an end. A cricketer used to be judged on his ability to play test matches in those days. So, when Kapil 'Paaji', as he is fondly referred to, talks about a new league that is not meant to be played only by the heart ( you are sure to lose if you do so he warns ) and also mentions the kind of money that Yuvraj Singh makes, one can smell something big coming up. He does drop a fair number of names that are already associated with the sporting world and one can only hope that his league might include some of the common folks like us. He also mentions Sania Mirza in one of the videos which could be an indicator that his league comprises of members/players from both genders.

Given the amount of respect the great man commands and his grass root connect, one can assume that it is going to a reality show kind of thing which has the contestants flexing their muscles and also putting the collective power of their grey cells into good use. It might be something that is connected to cricket ( in an entirely revamped avatar ofcourse ) because cricket is something that greatly appeals to the Indian audience and it is also closely associated with Kapil Dev's image . The frequent use of words like 'hit wicket' and 'googly' also hint that it might be something related to cricket or that the game show/reality show might just use these cricketing keywords in a different way. 

I am also hoping that it is something that travels the length and breadth of the country and involves participants from different cities. It could be a show in which the celebrity contestants have to battle it out with their lesser known counterparts. Or it maybe something that involves two opposing teams made up of entirely fresh faces with a celebrity sportsperson captaining each team. It could just be individual contestants pitted against each other with a big prize money being the biggest draw. Whatever it is, it is bound to be super entertaining and most of us are eagerly awaiting for the announcement on a popular social sharing platform by the great man himself. Please break the suspense Paaji and let us in onto your big secret !

This post is written for Kapil dev's EkNayiLeague .

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