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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Taste of North Indian Tadka in Bangalore !!!

North India food is nothing short of an entire gastronomic voyage that spans various states and even smaller settlements that would be tough to locate on a map. Whether it is the chaat, tikkis, choley or even the parathas of Chandni chowk, the various non vegetarian delights of Lucknow ( the Tunday Kebabs merit a special mention here ), the legendary Butter Chicken or the Sarson da saag of Punjab, the sweet sour spicy Gujrati/Marwari fare (Oondhiya happens to be a personal favorite) or even the Dal-Bati-Churma from Rajasthan, one is spoilt for choice. Even when one happens to be in Bangalore.

On the days when I am looking for some good old traditional Gujrati/Rajasthani thali ( which I invariably do when I have lost a few pounds ), Rajdhani at UB City is the place to be. It is one of the best restaurants in Bangalore given the amazing food and the rooftop dining experience. Though it lacks that rustic /traditional feel which is standard issue for most restaurants in Bangalore that serve North Indian fare, the food and the ever helpful waiters more than make up for it. Bajra roti, Dhokla, Dal Bati Churma, Gatte ki subzi, Surti Dal, Kadhi, Lasun ki chutney along with a variety of sweets that include Rabdi and Halwa are included in the Rajdhani thali.

Pic courtesy : chefatlarge.in

Though it does not serve non vegetarian fare, one will not be dejected by the bountiful menu. The manner in which these guys keep heaping food on guests' plate is reminiscent of what a real Rajasthani host is expected to do. The moment one walks in with a kid, a high chair is laid out for the young guest. And if your little one fancies a bit of running, the open spaces and the fountains adjacent to the dining area are more than helpful.

On celebratory days however, I prefer to stick to a hardcore non-vegetarian offering. If it is on short notice and we do have any reservations, we prefer Aangan in Bellandur or Punjabi Tadka in Marathahalli. While Aangan offers the most authentic Butter Chicken that one can find in Bangalore, Punjabi Tadka is a frequent haunt for bachelors given the budget friendly menu which also score a perfect 10 on taste.

Pic courtesy: mon-chef-de-cuisine.restaurantemploi.com

But when it comes to something special like an anniversary or any other milestone, we prefer the Royal Afghan (ITC Windsor). If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant experience, this is one place that one should try. Imagine a candlelight dinner by the poolside with that someone special.

Pic courtesy : Tripadvisor.in

However it can get somewhat awkward with kids trying to get into the water ( unless that are incredibly well behaved ) so plan in advance for a baby-sitter when you make the reservations for this place. The food is delicious, especially the juicy Kebabs and the creamy luscious Dals ( though I never use those adjectives to describe my lentils, in this case I am lost for words ). And I have to admit that even though I visit this place for its non-vegetarian fare, I can hardly find any fault with the vegetarian section which is just scintillating .


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