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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Together we will overcome!!

Motherhood is a beautiful emotion that has been highly celebrated by poets and writers. But with the spotlight focused exclusively on the highs, most new mothers get a rude jolt when faced with the reality. Postpartum depression is made worse by sleepless nights and lack of a support system (given that most of us live in nuclear families away from our native). My case was no different. And my woes were made still worse when I had to give up a corporate job and become a stay at home mother to care for my young one.

The first few months were spent changing diapers and feeding an ever hungry baby who was born with an inverted body clock. With no energy left after those endless rituals, I would just collapse on the bed at any given chance and had no time left to think about my career goals. But as he grew, he became less demanding and I was left with quite a bit of time on my hands. With nothing worthwhile to do, I spent the time watching TV and eating whatever I could lay my hand on. As a result I put on weight and started feeling even more low.

However, everything changed after a trip to my parents home. Maybe it was the change of surroundings or routine or the emotional support that I received, or even a combination of all factors, I became more focused and changed my outlook towards things. When my Dad explained that circumstances are beyond our control but what we make out of them is entirely within our control, I realized that I still had more fight remaining in me. It was on his advice that I revived my old hobby of writing. And suddenly life took on a new meaning. I had a reason to get out of the bed every morning.

The freedom to articulate one's ideas and allowing those creative juices to flow freely has a pronounced healing effect on the mind and soul. It effectively engages our thought process and does not allow for negative thinking which makes us sink into depression. The initial days were tough but I trudged on with patience. Every time I thought that I hit a roadblock, I called up my Dad and spoke to him. His motivating words kept me going. Before I could realize it, I was back into the flow. I started getting quite a bit of freelance work and soon I found myself earning a decent amount right from the comfort of my home. The appreciation and love that I received from my readers was a welcome bonus. It made me more optimistic about other things as well and I started eating healthy and going to the gym. People around me started to take note of this positive change in me and I was back to my old self.

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