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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy about being Myself !!

Yes, you read it right ! I am the happiest whenever I get the chance to be myself. Whether it is wearing my favorite pair of (worn out) jeans, listening to my favorite music, reading a favorite book, eating a choco-bar or a ripe mango, taking my dog for a walk in the park, chatting with friends and family or even playing with my toddler, I enjoy each of these activities that bring on a spontaneous smile on my face. It does not take much to make me happy and that is the way I prefer it to be.

It gels well with my life philosophy which was handed down to me by my late grandfather. He always preached the mantra of 'Simple Living, High Thinking'. Maybe being born in the Gandhian era, the principle was well indoctrinated in him but I feel that it still holds a lot of relevance in today's world that is driven by too many aspirations. Most of us are aware of the often devastating outcomes when those aspirations are not fulfilled. Deriving happiness and satisfaction from the simple pleasures of life ensures a positive mindset which in turn paves the way for focusing on loftier goals.

Someone truly said that happiness is just a state of mind. That is we can decide whether or not we want to remain happy and stress free. Being happy brings on positive feelings which in turn generate more happiness. I remember reading somewhere that people want to be around happy folks because they are perceived as being more successful and also because some of that happiness rubs off on them too. For it is difficult not to smile back when someone smiles at you. It can be compared to something like the Domino effect.

With social inclusion holding the key to a long life, the importance of remaining happy cannot be ignored. Grumpy folks are given the cold shoulder by one and all. This in turn breeds even more resentment which in the long term manifests itself in the form of physical ailments which definitely reduce the quality of life if not shortening it to some extent. Is it not a big price to pay for avoiding those smiles that cost nothing ? On the other hand, a happy mind leads to a healthy body.

It is very easy to blame external factors for the lack of happiness in our life. To some extent it is true that meaningful relationships and work satisfaction play a significant role but happiness is something that begins within ourselves and is not imbibed from the external environment. Managing our expectations also plays a key role and ensures a more meaningful life for ourselves and our near and dear ones. For being happy is the ultimate goal in life and all our efforts should be directed in ensuring the same.

This post is written for Coca-Cola .

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