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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby Uninterrupted

Babies do silly things and we love them all the more for the same reason. Laughing out aloud at the smallest gestures, gurgling with food/juices, trying out some really hilarious poises, or even making gibberish out of the simplest words, they can do it all and even more. And they can go on and on doing the same stuff for hours at an end  if they have the energy for it.

While the primary criteria for boundless energy can be put as a full tummy and a good night's (or even day's) sleep, comfort comes across as a very close secondary criteria. Comfortable clothing which is in accordance with the weather and most importantly a dry nappy ( given the frequent urination ) are important to keep a baby happy and bubbly. With my bundle of joy, I have never had a dull moment thanks to Pampers which ensures that my tiny one remains equally comfortable whether it be day or night, or even summer or winter. The Magic gel locks up all fluids to ensure that the diaper remains dry on the inside for up to 12 hours while the soft cottony cover allows for proper circulation of air. The result is healthy and rash free skin and uninterrupted happiness.

Coming to the favorite activity of my baby, it has been playing with building blocks of all shapes and sizes. Ever since he started to crawl around and was presented with a set of blocks by his grandparents, he has been besotted with it. Stacking them haphazardly, pulling them down, putting one inside the other and slowly including other objects lying around to create tall vertical mounds that teeter precariously while trying to defy the forces of gravity, the activity can keep him engrossed for the better part of his waking hours. Since there is evidence that suggests that encouraging playing with such blocks and puzzles may actually improve the spatial ability for children, I consciously buy more of such toys. With the diaper taking care of any wetness and discomfort, he does not get distracted unless his tummy starts rumbling or it gets around his napping time. Of course, it translates into stepping carefully around the house which resembles a maze ( or a minefield ) by the time he is done with playing. But I am not complaining as it gives me the opportunity to feed him without much fussing and running around. As a bonus, I use the time to pen down some of my blog posts and catch up on my reading ( and sometimes even napping ).

With Pampers, it is not just the babies, even the mothers are happy around the clock. This post is written for Pampers.

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