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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When 'No' did not mean 'Yes'


"Good Morning Maam. This is Sunita calling on behalf of Ronafone ( now 'rona' is the Hindi for cry and that is what I have been doing ever since I bought their SIM). Please confirm your number '973XXXXXXX'."


"Are you the user of this number?"

"Yes" ( Isn't it plainly obvious ??)

"Maam, would you like to activate a new plan for 3G ?"

"No, I do not require any 3G plans." (As it is my calls keep dropping due to the bad network and you guys have still not done anything about it despite logging a complaint)

"But Maam, 3G is already activated for your number. With this new plan you can get more download for just 50 rupees extra"

"What? But I did not activate 3G." (God....Rishabh keeps fiddling with my mobile all the time..what have you done this time kid??)

"Maam...would you like to go with the new 3G plan ?"

"No...and I would like to deactivate 3G. Please tell me how to go about it ?"

"Maam, I cannot do it. Please call XXX. It is a toll free number."

"But you just called for activating a new plan. Surely that means that you can deactivate/change the existing one....or you can take down my request and forward it to the concerning department"

"No Maam, I cannot do it. Please call XXX."

"I still do not understand why you cannot take my request"

"Maam, it is not possible for me to change/deactivate the existing plans"

"That means I need to call up some XXX customer care number and fight my way though the maze of an endless menu"

"Sorry for the inconvenience Maam. Please call XXX for deactivating 3G."

"Ok. Thank you."

"Thank you Maam. Have a nice day"


  1. thanks for making me smile:) loved the message your title and article provides - 'this kind of experience happens to us on and off, its better to laugh it off then to brood/get stressed over it' . very nice

  2. It is normally because when they called on behalf of some RonaFone or any other company, then they simply are a sales executive calling on behalf of that company but calling from some third party vendors. They are suppose to take orders for the plan which they are selling and they won't have any right to interfere in any other thing. :)

    1. Ya....I got it Alok..but what i found so funny was the way the tables turned during the conversation !! First I was saying no when the other person wanted to hear a 'Yes' and then it was the other way around..

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