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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Relocating just got Qui(c)kr

For someone who has had to change five cities in the span of seven years, I can vouch that it is an exercise in confusion and utter frustration. Deciding which stuff to keep and what to sell off, calculating whether the relocation expenses would be sufficient to cover all expenses and finally the pain of searching for a new house are some of the bigger concerns when shifting to a new city.

But things just got quicker and easier thanks to Quikr. I discovered that it is like a one stop solution for all my needs. From finalizing the movers and packers to finding my current flat to buying a second-hand bed for the guest room, I found it all on their website when I moved to Bangalore in 2012 .That too at a decent price. And since the Ad for the flat was posted by the owner himself, it saved me a good amount in terms of brokerage charges. It also helped me to dispose off an old TV stand which did not go with the decor of the living area and was too big for the other rooms. It felt good to manage everything (including a mischievous toddler) on the home front by myself even as my husband grappled with settling down in a new office.

And I ended up recommending it to my neighbors who also bought their sofa, a computer table and a study table from Quikr and that too from the same seller. The guy who sold the stuff had set up house just an year back and had been asked to move to US for a long term assignment by his company. My neighbours actually loved the stuff which was in very good condition. Though some people have a thing about buying used stuff, it is the logical thing to do when you work in a sector that calls for frequent job change and changing cities. Most of my IT friends would apply and swear by the equation -
amount earned from selling in city 1 + relocation allowance = amount spent in buying in city 2.

That is why is becomes equally important to get a good price for the furniture/electronic goods that one is selling. With Quikr it is as easy as posting an Ad, chatting up with the buyer and fixing an appointment and finally selling the goods. Of course, you get to quote the price you want for the stuff and if the buyer likes it, the deal is closed.

Another great thing about it is that you can pick any kind of services from their website. So whether you require someone for pest-control or a cleaning lady or a cook, it is possible to find someone on Quikr. I even helped my in-laws staying in Bhubaneshwar to find a full time domestic help through the services of Quikr. Yeah they have a presence in 900 cities which makes it all the more convenient no matter whichever city one is relocating to. Do I need more reasons to recommend Quikr to my family/friends/acquaintances who are moving to Bangalore ?

This post is written for Quikr (Bangalore) .

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