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Saturday, January 24, 2015

ASUS is the way to Go !!

It is the morning hour rush. I have to reply to those mails from the sponsors while responding to the multiple queries from the readers. And there are yesterday's posts which need to be shared on multiple social networking sites. All this needs to be done while I prepare breakfast for family and pack a lunchbox for my husband. Talk about multi-tasking. It can be hectic being a lifestyle blogger. But worry not when there is something as versatile and sleek as the ASUS Eeebook X205TS at hand.

Next I find myself stuck in the traffic while driving my kid to school. It is time to catch up with friends and extended family while waiting for the lights to go green. "Hey Rhea Aunty got a new puppy !! Can we too buy one Mama ?", exclaims my 4 year old as he looks a picture that my cousin has shared on FB. I quickly make up an excuse about how his father is allergic to all that fur and close the screen. But not before I have 'Liked' her latest share. People do get offended if they perceive that they are being ignored on a social site. I quickly play a new nursery rhyme that I had downloaded yesterday. It takes care of my restless kid while I drive the remaining distance to his school.

I am back home and now it is time to get down to work. There is a 'Green tea infused Kiwi delight' to be prepared for today's food post. And the latest variant of a 'Ready-to-Eat' brand that needs to be reviewed. As I work on the dessert, I am careful to click the step by step pictures using my ASUS Eeebook. Most readers these days like to get a feel of how the dish shaped up.

Once done, I get back to my desk and switch on my ASUS All In One PC ET2040. There is some heavy duty writing and photo editing to be done for today's posts. The work is done in an hour and my posts are up. I take a fifteen minute break to rustle up some quick pasta with veggies for my lunch. I reach out for my ASUS EeeBook. Even this needs to be shared on my FB page so that my readers get some inspiration to eat healthy. Once lunch gets done, I rush off to pick my kid from school. I do not forget to take my ASUS Eeebook along in case I can manage some spare time.

Kid needs a quick snack once he gets back from school. So, I offer him a sandwich along with some milkshake. The next two hours are his play time and I accompany him to the play area where he can mingle along with other kids and get some fresh air too. Needless to say, the ASUS Eeebook keeps me company while my kid runs around. I quickly surf the net to check out trending food stories and plan out what I need to cook/review for the next day. Another couple of emails are taken care of.

Dinner is being prepared while kid is immersed in his homework. Along from his books, I have made it a habit to teach him through online videos which are colorful and at times interactive. In the meanwhile, husband returns home and it is time for some family bonding. Once dinner is over and the kid is put to bed, he too catches up with his friends using the ASUS Eeebook while I work on the ASUS All In One PC on a new story before we retire to bed.

This post is written for ASUS Eeebook X205AT and ASUS All In One PC ET2040 .

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