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Monday, December 29, 2014

Patanjali Honey-Orange Face wash Review

I am loving the Patanjali 'Honey-Orange' Face wash this winter. Though I started using it sometime in the second week of November, I decided to hold the review atleast for a month so that I could be sure of its effects in the long run. Now that my first tube is almost over, I can still say that I love it.

Endowed with a refreshing Orangey scent, it contains ingredients like Honey, Neem, Tulsi, Haldi, Mulethi and ofcourse Orange. Moreover, it is a hundred percent soap free gel formulation.

My experience with the product - 

My skin is quite well behaved this winter and I do not get much dryness except on certain days. I guess that is due to some hormonal fluctuations that I have been experiencing of late. The Honey-Orange face wash gives a rather rich lather so I just need to use a single drop of it. Thankfully the lather also gets washed off quite easily (unlike the Soundarya Face wash). Have been using it twice a day and it leaves my skin squeaky clean. I do not feel the need to run for a moisturizer immediately after washing my face. Skin looks quite radiant and it has effectively taken care of the stray pimples ( I do get 2-3 eruptions at times) too.

Why would I recommend the Patanjali Honey-Orange Face Wash ?

Pros -

1. Suits normal to slightly dry skin (Most importantly does not dry out skin in the long run)
2. Leaves a glow on the skin
3. Priced economically at Rs 45/- for 60 ml
4. Love the citrus scent
5. Good lather that washes off easily
6. 100 percent soap-free
7. Can fit into any handbag easily.( Rest assured the cap is sturdy so it doesn't leak )

Cons -

1. Contains Parabens .

Verdict - This is fares better than the Patanjali Saundarya Face wash and I am definitely buying it again.

Rating - 4.5/5 .


  1. I have sensitive skin and now a days i am getting pimples on my face. So can i prefer this one?

    1. Yes....this actually helped reduce my pimples when I used it along with the Himalaya Neem Face pack ( twice a week )...and it does not irritate sensitive skin

    2. Normally himalaya products don't suit me.So should i go for neem face pack?And please let me know if you have any idea about other face pack for sensitive skin.
      Thank you.

    3. Even too I have sensitive skin and the face pack works well for me...can't recommend anything else though since I havn't tried any !!

  2. I think it's worth to give a try. Thank you a lot :)

  3. if u have severe pimples, please go for accutane medication.
    refer a dermatologist.
    this facewash helps the skin too.


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