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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Patanjali Body Lotion Review

Since it is winter, I thought of reviewing all the skin care products that I have been using to keep my skin from getting dry and itchy. While most people would be into body butters during this time of the year, I have decided to stick to the Patanjali Body Lotion instead. Actually apart from my sunscreen, night cream and lip balm, all skin care products are Patanjali ones . Read on for more -

A decent product at a reasonable price. What more does one need ? While I am ok with splurging on face creams and lipsticks, body lotions have to adhere to a stringent budget (Though I did spurge on TBS products during my pregnancy and a year after my baby was born...my skin was very dry at that time). This one does its job fairly well and I love the subtle floral fragrance that lingers on my skin for a few hours after application. Moreover, it is free from any parabens/silicones or other chemicals (going by the list of ingredients).  Priced at Rs 60/- for 100 ml.

I apply it twice a day. Once on towel dried (read damp) skin immediately after a shower and once before I go to bed (and m not feeling too lazy).It gets absorbed immediately and my skin stays well moisturized. It does not stain my clothes nor leave behind any smell in them(have had this problem while I used body butters and some rather heavy lotions)

My experience with Patanjali Body Lotion 

Pros - 

1. Reasonably priced
2. Effective moisturization
3. Best option for folks who like herbal/natural products
4. Gets absorbed quickly
5. Small and sturdy bottle which can fit easily into a handbag.
6. Personally I love the flowery smell.

Cons -

1. May not work for people with very dry skin. 
2. Availability is an issue as with other Patanjali products.

Rating - 4.75/5. I would definitely repurchase this one.

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