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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kiddie Vacations Made Special

As parents, we look forward to taking our little one on that first vacation. As kids grow really fast and move away, it is these cherished moments that one would always remember having spent together as a family. And therefore it has to be extra special.

A lot of planning is required when taking the kids on a trip. First comes the destination. It has to be a place which engages their curious minds. A jungle safari or a gushing waterfall for example would captivate most of them. Visit to heritage destinations is also a good option once they are old enough to understand the importance of appreciating and preserving culture. Second comes the accommodation. It has to be safe and comfortable. Since most of them are fussy eaters, cottages with a small kitchenette that allow one to rustle up something healthy in no time are always welcome. Alternatively great room service that is available 24 X 7 would also do. Availability of an in-house doctor or someone on call is also something that I keep in mind while taking my kid for a vacation.

Since it is difficult to pack in too much in a day's span if you are tagging kids along, it is best to cover one or two places in a day. The rest of the day can be spent at the hotel or resort unwinding with the kids. Though most of them are powerhouses of energy, they tend get irritated if made to do too many things at the same time. So, it is best to take things at a relaxed pace.

Pools are always a great option for kids as they love to splash about in the water. Most resorts also have a play area with some swings/slides/etc and toys which is why many parents prefer them to regular hotels. While some resorts also host cultural activities during the evening hours, look for ones that have facilities for indoor games so that the kids have an alternative if they get bored. Pack a few books and board games or even an inflatable toy or two so that the kids stay entertained even if they have to be holed up in the room.

Even with the best of destinations and accommodation, some kids tend to feel homesick or insecure when removed from their comfort zone. As parents we can help alleviate such feelings by packing some of their regularly used items like a blanket or a stuffed toy, favorite chips/cookies/packaged juices and talking to them about the wonderful things they would see and learn. Buying small souvenirs so that they can gift it to a loved one or preserve it as a memory of the trip is also a good idea. With some planning and care, we can make the trip a memorable and enjoyable one for the kids.

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