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Monday, December 15, 2014

Drive Smart Stay Safe

Did you know that the fatal car crash that killed the much loved Princess Diana and her then partner Dodi al Fayed might have had a different ending if those two had their seat belts on ? This one was the first such accident that instilled the importance of wearing a seat-belt in my mind .

Then there were two more such accidents, this time much closer to home. Couple of years back a family friend was killed while driving back from his elder brother's wedding. The strain from the journey and the lack of sleep proved fatal as he ended up dozing at the wheel. His father was also deeply injured and stayed in a coma for years. This incident radically transformed the financial condition of a well to do family and somehow things could never be the same again.

Another one was quite recent. A much adored cousin was returning home after dropping a newly married couple (who happened to be his wife's close relatives) at the groom's house. In both the incidents, the person driving the car was in a state of sleep disorientation after a night of wedding festivities and most importantly, not wearing a seat belt. Various studies and research has always thrown up figures which claim that wearing seat belts can reduce the rate of car crash fatalities by more than fifty percent and cut down on moderate to critical injuries by an equal number. A simple habit that can save many lives. That is what road safety is all about.

These are some general guidelines which I feel that people should adhere to in order to make the roads a lot more safe than they are  -

1. Do not drive if you are in a sleep deprived state. The same holds true if you have consumed alcohol. It does not matter if you think that things are under control. Both slow down your reflexes.

2. Do not talk on the phone while driving. Instead use a hands free if the call is critical. Though most of us like to believe that we are great at multi-tasking, it is better not to put lives at risk just to make a point.

3. Do not brake suddenly if a stray dog/cat comes in your way and your vehicle is going beyond 70/kmph. Though animal lovers would cry foul, it is the practical thing to be done as the vehicle travelling behind you will not be able to anticipate your move. Still worse, your own vehicle may skid/spin out of control.

4. Avoid driving in fog or during heavy rains. The reduced visibility sharply cuts down the response time available to one under normal circumstances.

5. Do not jump a red light even if the roads are deserted. There might be another idiot out there doing the same thing.

6. Do not use a high-beam while driving on the city roads. It temporarily the driver of the vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. High-beams are exclusively meant for poorly lit roads on the countryside and the highways.

7. Most importantly, use the seat belt. Even the passengers in the rear seats should abide by it.

With some common sense and discipline, we can make the roads a safer place for all.

This post is written for Nissan Safety Driving Forum which is committed to safety on the road. It endeavors to bring about a much needed change in the mindset of the people so that they realize their responsibilities while driving on the roads. NSDF is an annual activity that started in 2012 and has been conducted in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

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