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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Garnier Saved My Day !!

It is 5 am. A new mother finally gets to hit the bed. But sleep eludes her as she keeps getting up to check on her bundle of joy. "Is he too cold ?? or maybe too warm. It has been two hours since his last feed, won't he be hungry?". Her thoughts wander in every possible direction. Finally the alarm goes off at 7.30 am. She gets off hurriedly to shut it lest it disturb the little one.

As she splashes cold water on her face to get rid of the grogginess, she notices the dark areas that are beginning to develop under her eyes. Her once luminous skin is not longer that radiant. Her rigorous skincare routine has gone haywire after the arrival of the baby. Not that she regrets it. "Thank God for small mercies...at least I do not have to go to office looking like this...most folks would easily mistake me for an endangered member of the bear family".

The day passes by in blur. Feeding, changing nappies and soothing the little one takes up all her time. A sudden ringing of the mobile disrupts her routine. Her husband informs her that two of his colleagues would be dropping by around 7 p.m.. She checks the time and it is already 6 p.m. which leaves her with less than an hour to get ready to receive the guests.

She runs through her mental checklist. The fridge is stocked with frozen snacks which would be ready to serve in 10 mins. The house looks a bit untidy and will take up another 15 mins. With the baby scheduled for a feeding at 6:45, that leaves her with just about 20 mins for herself. Deciding to tackle the living room first, she gets to work. It turns out that she grossly underestimated the effort. It is 6:30 by the time she is done with arranging the house.

She hurriedly takes a shower and dons a fresh outfit. The baby has begin to stir and needs immediate attention. A feeding session and a lullaby follows. The baby settles down and she puts him in the rocking chair. With the snacks are laid out in the microwaveable dish and the coffee maker kept ready, the food arrangements are taken care of. Turning her thoughts to her makeup and hair, she hurriedly opens the makeup kit which has been gathering dust ever since the baby was born. She sighs at the sight of the neatly arranged primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter and the pressed powder. These things have to wait for another day. Closing the kit, her reaches out for a little pouch. Her vanity is at stake and she cannot afford to look less than presentable.

Un-zipping the pouch, she turns it upside down on the dressing table. A Garnier BB cream, a kajal stick and two lippies tumble out. Though minimalistic, these have become her savior. An impulse buy from an online portal, the Garnier BB cream has worked its way into her hectic routine. While she had initially been skeptical about the lack of a shade repertoire to match every skin tone, she discovered that it matched beautifully with her medium skin tones. It gives that beautiful flawless finish with a dewy shine which stays in place for a good eight hours while the in-built moisturizer ensures that skin stays hydrated. And it has SPF too which abolishes any need for applying a sunscreen. No need for layering multiple products.

She dots her face with a tiny amount and spreads it evenly with light fingers. A second layer ( mixed with a dot of matte foundation) applied right under the eyes takes care of the dark circles. After a swipe of kajal to brighten up those tired eyes and a bit of lippy to add some color to the face, she looks every bit her old self. With those extra minutes to spare, she quickly runs a straightener through her wild hair. She is just putting it back in its stand when the doorbell rings. As she opens the door, the look in her husband's eyes says it all. Garnier BB cream has once again saved the day for her.

[ Note - Garnier BB Cream has been my constant companion ever since the arrival of my baby. Though I have been using it for more than a year, I jumped at the chance to do a blog post about it. Thanks to Indiblogger and Garnier for providing me a free sample and the lovely opportunity.]

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