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Monday, March 31, 2014

Danone Misti Doi - Everyone loves it!!!!

It is everything that I want my misti doi to be. Ever since I saw the commercials being aired on TV, I was a bit skeptical about trying it out. One factor could be that I stay near to a Banchharam's and hence can get it anytime from there. Hence I made the mistake of buying only two units. And they did not last even for an hour after exiting the mall.

Its thick. Creamy. Not overwhelmingly sweet. Just the right bit of tang. Even the top fatty layer that you find in most traditional clay pot misti doi's is also present. Can't wait to replenish my stock hence planning to get some online from Bigbasket (here) or Zopnow (here).

My verdict: 4.75/5 .

Taste & texture - Just the way it should be.Can't give anything less than a 5
Price - I think it a little more than the average price for the given quantity. So, 4.5.
Packaging - Neat and compact. Small portion size is a boon for weight watchers. Check the below pic for Nutritional values -

No chances of spilling and can be easily carried in a handbag to office. Deserves a 5. (But I would love it if they add a little scoop/spoon in the packaging so that i do not need to carry one.)

Got for it!!!!

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