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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quaker Oats New Flavour : Classic Elaichi & Raisins (Product review)

This is the latest flavour of Quaker Oats to hit the shelves. With its rich cardamom flavour, it is quite reminiscent of the traditional Kheer prepared by my mom.

Quaker has a interesting range of flavoured quick oats which come at a pocket friendly price & packaging. Priced at Rupees 10 a pouch, these are designed for one time use thus doing away the need of storage.

Available in both sweet & savory versions, the savory flavours are more inclined towards an older audience. I have no reason to complain as my kiddie laps us the sweet ones ( I have recommended the same to my neighbours and got wonderful feedback from them). It is the easiest way to get some milk into my little ones' tummy who otherwise puts up quite a fight (no amount of drinking chocolate, horlicks, bournvita, or Boost succeeded in masking the smell of milk).

This is one product that I would rate at 5/5 (overall).
Packaging - 4.5/5 ( I find the quantity a little less and have to add a fruit/boiled egg to supplement my breakfast. But quantity is good enough for kids. )
Price - 5/5
Taste - 5/5

Note: This is a product that has added sugar. Diabetics please watch out. 


  1. I quite enjoy a hot glass of diluted oats. I need to see if I can find this new flavor over here. Nice to note the add on into this latest invention.

  2. This flavour is not available anymore in the market... Where should I buy ??

    1. No problem...I make my own version these days using the plain oats, pinch of cardamom, soaked raisins and some chopped almonds :) ! It's even better than the packet one .


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