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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chinese Samosa

These days I am happily vacationing in Orissa (Bhubaneshwar to be precise). While the last few days rain had been playing truant ( and forcing us indoors ), the clouds have cleared up this morning and we have been treated to a gorgeous blue sky. It is the right time ( of the year ) for a foodie like me to give in to my weakness(ES) and indulge my taste buds.

While in Orissa I prefer to avoid fried stuff and relish simple meals. I do this in order to save on the calories which I later splurge on the amazing variety of sweets available here. But I could not resist myself from sampling these delicious Chinese samosas from Chappan Bhog . Yeah, you heard it right. It is named 'Chinese samosa'. (Well that's a term coined by the fast food industry that thrives on innovation and the first mover always gets to grab the lion's share of the market pie). Chappan Bhog is a restaurant that serves  'no onion no garlic' fare and is famous for the amazing repertorie of sweets that it stocks.

More on the samosas. It is clearly a case of the packaging being better than the product. These are samosas that have noodles (or chowmein as it is called here ) as the stuffing. While the outer layer was nice and crispy, the noodles were a little too sweet for my taste. I think they would do good to add more chillis to the stuffing. And pairing it up with a nice chutney would really raise the bar.

Have a sneak peek at the stuffing inside these beauties. Guess it looks a little dry ( I would prefer bigger chunks of the vegetables & paneer ):

I will be trying the ones available on the street sides 'thelas' or joints next. Have heard nice things about them. Hope they are better.


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