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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prestige Smart Kitchen Review

I am not a social reformer nor am i trying to make a name for myself by defaming others. But i believe that every voice counts and i need to make myself heard. Will be posting regular feedbacks on the products being launched in the market and my experiences with them.

These days Prestige is heavily promoting their 'Smart Kitchen' line. The company has also launched 'Exchange Offers' to boost the sales of its new products. The products are supposed to make one's life much better and easier.

I decided to buy their Induction Cook-Top as it is supposed to make cooking faster and also produces no heat thereby making the kitchen a much cooler place.

The dealer was all sugar and spice when making the sale. However our troubles started soon after when the unit developed an electrical problem within 3 months of use. It started sparking heavily and even blew out the fuse for the entire house.

We took the unit to the dealer and he said it would take 4-5 days as the company service person was not available on the same day. Ever since we have been following up with the dealer with no positive results.

Not only me but others in my office and in my friends circle have faced quality issues with Prestige products.

A word of caution for all : Please be careful when buying products from Prestige dealers.


  1. thanks dear will take care. Hope this solves the issue. Try posting a complaint with their CRM on their website.

  2. Thanks Archana, already done that!!!

  3. Good to know post i haven't used this product

  4. Thanks for your information .I was planning to buy this


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