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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Doodh Cola - from the streets of Kolkata

Cost of Preparation: 20-25 Rupees
Preparation Time: 5-10 mins

Ingredients: Chilled Thums up ( 300 ml), chilled milk ( 250 ml ), sugar ( 3 tsp ),
icecubes ( 5-6 nos ).
For serving: Small sized ( 150 ml ) glasses ( 5-6 nos ).

Preparation: Add the ice-cubes to the mixer jar. Churn for 30-40 seconds to get crushed ice.

Add milk and powdered sugar. Churn for 1 minute.

Pour the chilled thums-up and churn for 1-2 minute to get rid of the carbon dioxide.

Pour into glasses & serve immediately.


  1. Wow hv never heard abt this drink sounds good sure try..

  2. Dear AOF
    Thats great! Never hard of this during my stay in Calcutta long back. Looks very interesting, I love milk and cola both..so let me try it
    Have a nice week

  3. same here never heard of this drink...sounds great though!lovely clicks.

  4. must try Cola and milk kids will drink the milk without complaints. Thanks.

  5. Never heard of this...looks superb...

  6. Never heard of this combi. Looks very inviting.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Gosh..this is completely new to me..Never knew there was somting like this :D cool :D Have to try that combo

  8. Never heard it yet...but it surely looks superb and yummy...the combination is awesome...will try it soon...:)

  9. Omg, feel like finishing that fabulous drink rite now,quite new and interesting..

  10. Wow... This looks new to me too, surely worth a try... Feeling thirsty now!!
    Have a wonderful week:)

  11. This is a very interesting drink..so tempting looking.

  12. looks interesting haven't had this

  13. It tastes good and refreshing in summers. Just chilled milk and cola works too.

  14. Really innovative. I'm a die hard fan of Thumps Up and keep experimenting thing around it. Now this is the fresh one listed on my To Do. Many thanks !


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