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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pohala Maccha Jholo

Cooking Time Required: 15-20 mins
Cost of preparation: 30-35 rupees

Ingredients: Pohola Maccha ( 300 gm ), potato ( 1 large ), tomatoes ( 2 nos, large ), mustard seeds ( 2 tsp ), cumin powder ( 1/2 tsp ), coriander powder ( 1/2 tsp ),red chillis ( 2 nos), fennel seeds ( 1/4 tsp), red chilli powder ( 1/4 tsp ), garlic flakes ( 7-8 nos), salt, turmeric, oil ( 6 tsp ), coriander leaves ( 1 tbs ), coriander stem ( 1 tsp), green chilli ( 2 nos ).

Preparation: Clean the fish throughly. Add salt and turmeric and keep aside for 5 mins.

Grind the red chillis, mustard seeds and half of the garlic flakes into a smooth paste.

Cut the potato in long pieces.

Cooking: Heat a flat pan. Add oil followed by the fish. Fry lightly on both sides and keep aside.

Add the potato pieces to the pan. Stir fry till golden brown. Remove and keep aside.

Now add turmeric, red chilli powder and the fennel seeds followed by the tomato pieces.

Sprinkle salt. Cook till tomato is mashy.

Add the mustard-garlic paste, cumin powder and coriander powder. Stir for 30-45 secs. Add 2-3 cups of water along with more salt . Bring to a boil.

Add the fried fish along with the crushed garlic, slit green chillis, coriander stem and potato; and allow to boil for 10 mins on low flame while stirring at intervals.

Remove from fire, sprinkle coriander leaves and keep aside for 5 mins.

Serve with par-boiled rice and dal.

Note: This curry is usually prepared with pohola or small rohu/bhakura/mirkali fish. The fish is cooked as a whole and hence small sized fishes each measuring between 6-8inches long and each weighing between 80-150 gms are best suited for this curry.

Fish curry is best eaten with par-boiled rice ( Usuna ) while the mutton/chicken dishes go well with raw rice ( Arwa ).


  1. Fish curry looks awesome. Very delicious preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Fish curry ..my mom's favorite recipe...I can share this with her:) this is interesting n without coconut paste thats what she really needs...thanx for the recipe...happy mothers day to you!!!

  3. wow - I don't think I've ever had this before!

  4. Just drooling over that delicious dish,simply inviting..

  5. Delicious fish curry! Looks inviting:)

  6. My fav fish curry from my mom's kitchen, she cooked in 2 ways:- one is using mustard like this and other is using onion,tomatoes,garlic and ginger...love both the way..... urs looks sooo yumm and lovely too...

  7. Delicious fish curry...love it!

  8. i wonder if we get pohola machcha here in mumbai... your recipe has given me a craving! lovely dish :)

  9. Dear AOF
    I am just exploring what have I missed so far and here is the Pohola ( we used to call it PohoRha in Athgarh). I havent eaten it for decades.Last Feb I was in Athgargh , lake Angshupa and BBSR. All my friends tried their best to get this fish, but could not. Anyway let me try next time.
    Now let me go to your recipe on Koshola saga and eat the dish virtually .
    Bhala thiba


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