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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chingudi Besara Jholo

Cooking Time Required: 25-30 mins
Cost of preparation: 70-80 rupees

Ingredients: Small sized prawns ( 1 no.), mustard-fennel seeds (1/3 tsp), mustard seeds ( 1 tsp), garlic pods ( 6-7 nos ), green chilli ( 1 no ), mustard oil ( 1 tsp), turmeric ( 1 pinch), rice ( 1 tsp ), ambula ( 1 piece ), salt.

Preparation: Grind the mustard seeds and the garlic pods into a fine paste. Wash and clean the prawns.

Soak the rice for 2-3 hours. Grind into a fine paste. Soak the ambula and keep aside.

Cooking: Put a wok on the stove and put 3 tsp oil in it . Add the mustard-fennel seeds and green chilli. When the seeds start spluttering, add the prawns along with turmeric. Stir fry till the prawns turns red and all the water evaporates.

Add the mustard paste and salt along with two cups of water. Cook with the lid covered for about 10 minutes or till the prawn is softened. Add the rice paste, continously stirring the gravy all along. Then follow it with the ambula. Cook it for 5 mins. Add half tsp of mustard oil over it. Cook for 30 secs and remove from fire.

Serve with rice and dal.

The rice paste is used for thickening the gravy. The ambula can be substituted with tamarind. But make sure of using minimal quantity of the rice paste and ambula/tamarind.

Tip: This preparation tastes best with small prawns. For the bigger variety, try the masala curry. Refer to my other post Masala Dia maccha tarkari for the preparation process.


  1. Dear AOF
    Thats a great recipe.I was trying to recollect the taste long back. I was bit confused whether to use Jeera- Mustard seasoning of Fennel- mustard. After reading your blog I am clear. I also liked your use of Pithou ( rice paste), a traditional addition is now vanishing from the recipes. I shall try soon. I am waiting for some Ambula to arrive from Bhubaneswar...
    Have a nice week

  2. Thanks Ushnish......Good that you mentioned the ambula...even my stock will run of very soon....need to find someone who can get it for me.

    You too have a great weekend.

  3. This prawn curry looks very interesting and i will be trying it sometime soon....this is a new flavor for me and i am sure it's great.

    Your version of poha , posted recently is great too .... i like trying it in different ways.

  4. Thanks sangeetha....please remember to try this recipe with the small prawns( the ones with a thin skin/shell). It does not turn out as good with the larger sized ones. The larger ones are best prepared with the onion-ginger-garlic masala.


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